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TeraBitCom has a complete portfolio of 400G OSFP optical transceivers. This series of products adopt 8x50G architecture. They are compliant with the IEEE 802.3bs and OSFP MSA, which are used for the applications for 400G Ethernet, Data Centers and Cloud Networks.


    Supports aggregate data rate of 425Gbps
    OSFP MSA Compliant【Size (W x L x H): 22.6 mm x 100.2 mm x 13.0 mm (not including pull tab)】
    Single 3.3V Power Supply
    Power consumption < 12W
    Optical Transmitter: CWDM EA-DFB
    Optical Receiver: PIN photodetector
    Compliant to 26.5625 GBd PAM4 x 8 lane 400GAUI-8
    Compliant to 53.125 GBd PAM4 x 4 CWDM wavelength 400GBASE-LR4
    Reach: Up to 6 km (IEEE)/10km (MSA) over duplex single mode fiber
    Hot Z-Pluggable to 60-pad OSFP electrical connector
    I2C common management interface with integrated Digital Diagnostic Monitoring function
    Operating case temperature: 0 to 70 deg C
    RoHS10 (2011/65/EU + 2015/863) compliant